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A Guide for International Consulting for Job Opportunities


Thousands of student travel to foreign countries for their studies in the hope of getting good jobs after obtaining foreign degrees. But amid many successes, there are thousands whose dreams were shattered due to the fall into the traps of unauthorized consultancies. In the recent past actions initiated by two or three countries were only the result of these people. Foreign universities, expect the student to spend much time in search of genuine consultants before applying for foreign courses to avoid any complications at a later stage. The student councilors of foreign universities emphasize going through the credentials of consultants, and their longevity and also thoroughly check the success history from different sources.

University requirement & registration fee: 

Some universities have framed questionaries like the duration of existence, and the number of students placed in different universities during their existence. It has been advised to talk to some of the students already sent by consultants but to be very cautious in getting the number from these consultants. There is a chance that numbers of known persons are forwarded. Apart from these, the consultant must be able to give a clear picture of the cost involved in placing the student because sometimes it is seen that hidden costs are added at a final stage. Presently the average charges of application fee is approximately rupees 6,500/- for the USA and $100 for Canada. No charges for the UK & Australia as these are waived. Anyone charging is more likely to be not legitimate. Some agents or consultants are charging for expeditious clearance etc. Still, one should know that foreign universities work with their programs and pace and there is no way to get things done expeditiously by the agents. Some agents and consultants promise 100% scholarships or financial assistance from the universities, minimal interest or free loans, free accommodation in the universities, bank loans, and granted jobs, which are promised because foreign universities go by their bye-laws available on their websites or student councilors of the university are the best people to get confirmed these options before going for the final agreement. Promise to get admitted to a reputed college or university though the standard and numbers do not reach the basic criteria fixed by institutions is also a vague promise. It is better to check the criteria of the college or university and where the student stands before making any commitments. It is also better to check that the consultant ING agency has direct linkages with multiple credible universities. Partnerships with universities that have an expansive list of courses, good alumni network, rankings, and accreditations like AMBA, QS, and AACSB are positive indications.

Experience of Consultant :

The expertise and experience of the agent or consultants are not likely for every country or course so to select an agent or consultant it must be confirmed that they fit in the requirements of a student. This will be better to look for a consultant offering holistic support in identifying universities, filling applications, profile building, statement of purpose, English test requirements, interview preparation, pre-departure guidance, post-arrival settling in service, ongoing cost of living expenses, and student housing living options. A good consultant will always extend the holistic view to the student such as guarantor support, international money transfer, student bank accounts, visa assistance, student financing, room essentials, international SIM cards, travel insurance, luggage storage, and job search assistance as these are very valuable information before departure and thereafter for a smooth stay and later to get a job of choice. This little care by students and parents before coming into the trap will fulfill the dream of studying in foreign colleges and universities. 

You must be eligible for a work visa in the country of your intended stay if you want to travel and work there for a year or less. Some regions, like as Australia and New Zealand, make this simple even in the absence of a sponsorship or degree. Additionally, teaching English is a great method to work overseas.

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